Noor Awad

Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering, University of Freiburg
Georges-Köhler-Allee 074, 79110 Freiburg


Selected Publications

Awad N, Mallik N, and Hutter F. DEHB: Evolutionary hyberband for scalable, robust and efficient hyperparameter optimization. In: Proceedings of the Thirtieth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI’21). Ed. by Zhou ZH. 2021:2147–53.

Awad N, Mallik N, and Hutter F. Differential evolution for neural architecture search. In: Proceedings of ICLR 2020 Workshop on Neural Architecture Search (NAS’20). 2020. arXiv: 2012.06400.

Awad N, Shala G, Deng D, Mallik N, Feurer M, Eggensperger K, Biedenkapp A, Vermetten D, Wang H, Doerr C, Lindauer M, and Hutter F. Squirrel: A switching hyperparameter optimizer. NeurIPS 2020 – BBO challenge 2020. arXiv: 2012.08180.

Shala G, Biedenkapp A, Awad N, Adriaensen S, Lindauer M, and Hutter F. Learning step-size adaptation in CMA-ES. In: Proceedings of the Sixteenth International Conference on Parallel Problem Solving from Nature (PPSN’20). 2020:691–706.

Franke J, Kohler G, Awad N, and Hutter F. Neural architecture evolution in deep reinforcement learning for continuous control. NeurIPS 2019 – Workshop on Meta-Learning 2019. arXiv: 1910.12824.

Fuks L, Awad N, Hutter F, and Lindauer M. An evolution strategy with progressive episode lengths for playing games. In: Proceedings of the Twenty-Eighth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI’19). 2019:1234–1240.

Ali MZ, Awad NH, Reynolds RG, and Suganthan PN. A balanced fuzzy Cultural Algorithm with a modified Levy flight search for real parameter optimization. Information Sciences 2018;447:12–35.

Palakonda V, Awad NH, Mallipeddi R, Ali MZ, Veluvolu KC, and Suganthan PN. Differential evolution with stochastic selection for uncertain environments: A smart grid application. In: 2018 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC’18). IEEE. 2018:400–406.

Adriaensen S, Biedenkapp A, Shala G, Awad N, Eimer T, Lindauer M, and Hutter F. Automated dynamic algorithm configuration. 2022. arXiv: 2205.13881.

Eggensperger K, Müller P, Mallik N, Feurer M, Sass R, Klein A, Awad NH, Lindauer M, and Hutter F. HPOBench: A collection of reproducible multi-fidelity benchmark problems for HPO. 2021. arXiv: 2109.06716.

Administrative Manager

Marc Schumacher

Institute of Medical Biometry and Statistics,
Faculty of Medicine and Medical Center –
University of Freiburg