Equal Opportunity & Diversity

SmallData recognizes that there is conscious or unconscious bias regarding equity and diversity in the scientific system and in scientific questions and results. SmallData is committed to counteracting any bias related to equal opportunity and diversity in its own research context. For this purpose, we will use the existing structures at the participating universities and will also implement specific further measures tailored to our needs.

Diversity in research content

Researchers of SmallData will be able to derive sex-, gender-, and / or diversity-specific effects, where information is available and relevant to the project aims. Through careful analysis of data, we aim to prevent any selection bias in research content.


Researchers working in SmallData come from different methodological backgrounds, and bring in different perspectives and skills. SmallData embraces the corresponding diversity in disciplines, which is key to the success of our initiative.

Career stages

SmallData includes researchers at all stages of their careers, contributing to the promotion of a vibrant and productive research community. SmallData is committed to ensuring that each scientist gets the required level of support for best personal development.


People differ in their culture, religion, living situation, or social status, and SmallData values this diversity. We are committed to proactively prevent potential adverse effects due to personal diversity.


Sociocultural attributions of gender roles should not influence research work within SmallData. SmallData takes appropriate measures where researchers may be underrepresented due to gender.

University support measures

Gender & Diversity at University of Freiburg

Equal opportunity at Medical Faculty, University of Freiburg

Diversity at Ruhr University Bochum

Gender equality at University of Greifswald

Spokesperson for equal opportunities

Administrative Manager

Marc Schumacher

Institute of Medical Biometry and Statistics,
Faculty of Medicine and Medical Center –
University of Freiburg