Prof. Dr.  

Toni Cathomen

Institute for Transfusion Medicine and Gene Therapy, Medical Center, University of Freiburg
Hugstetter Str. 55, 79106 Freiburg


Selected Publications

Bexte T, Alzubi J, Reindl LM, Wendel P, Schubert R, Salzmann-Manrique E, Metzler I von, Cathomen T, and Ullrich E. CRISPR-Cas9 based gene editing of the immune checkpoint NKG2A enhances NK cell mediated cytotoxicity against multiple myeloma. Oncoimmunology 2022;11:2081415.

Alzubi J, Lock D, Rhiel M, Schmitz S, Wild S, Mussolino C, Hildenbeutel M, Brandes C, Rositzka J, Lennartz S, Haas SA, Chmielewski KO, Schaser T, Kaiser A, Cathomen T, and Cornu I T. Automated generation of gene-edited CAR T cells at clinical scale. Molecular Therapy – Methods & Clinical Development 2021;20:379–388.

Mosti L, Langner LM, Chmielewski KO, Arbuthnot P, Alzubi J, and Cathomen T. Targeted multi-epitope switching enables straightforward positive/negative selection of CAR T cells. Gene Therapy 2021;28:602–612.

Turchiano G, Andrieux G, Klermund J, Blattner G, Pennucci V, El Gaz M, Monaco G, Poddar S, Mussolino C, Cornu I T, Boerries M, and Cathomen T. Quantitative evaluation of chromosomal rearrangements in gene-edited human stem cells by CAST-Seq. Cell Stem Cell 2021;28:1136–1147.

Alzubi J, Dettmer-Monaco V, Kuehle J, Thorausch N, Seidl M, Taromi S, Schamel W, Zeiser R, Abken H, Cathomen T, and Wolf P. PSMA-directed CAR T Cells combined with low-dose docetaxel treatment induce tumor regression in a prostate cancer xenograft model. Molecular Therapy – Oncolytics 2020;18:226–235.

Craig-Mueller N, Hammad R, Elling R, Alzubi J, Timm B, Kolter J, Knelangen N, Bednarski C, Glaeser B, Ammann S, Ivics Z, Fischer J, Speckmann C, Schwarz K, Lachmann N, Ehl S, Moritz T, Henneke P, and Cathomen T. Modeling MyD88 deficiency in vitro provides new insights in its function. Frontiers in Immunology 2020;11:608802.

Dettmer V, Bloom K, Gross M, Weissert K, Aichele P, Ehl S, and Cathomen T. Retroviral UNC13D gene transfer restores cytotoxic activity of T cells derived from familial hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis type 3 patients in vitro. Human Gene Therapy 2019;30:975–984.

Patsali P, Turchiano G, Papasavva P, Romito M, Loucari CC, Stephanou C, Christou S, Sitarou M, Mussolino C, Cornu TI, Antoniou MN, Lederer CW, Cathomen T, and Kleanthous M. Correction of IVS I-110(G>A) β-thalassemia by CRISPR/Cas-and TALEN-mediated disruption of aberrant regulatory elements in human hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells. Haematologica 2019;104:e497–e501.

Alzubi J, Pallant C, Mussolino C, Howe SJ, Thrasher AJ, and Cathomen T. Targeted genome editing restores T cell differentiation in a humanized X-SCID pluripotent stem cell disease model. Scientific Reports 2017;7:12475.

Cornu TI, Mussolino C, and Cathomen T. Refining strategies to translate genome editing to the clinic. Nature Medicine 2017;23:415–423.

Administrative Manager

Marc Schumacher

Institute of Medical Biometry and Statistics,
Faculty of Medicine and Medical Center –
University of Freiburg