Daniela Zöller

Institute of Medical Biometry and Statistics (IMBI), Faculty of Medicine and Medical Center, University of Freiburg
Stefan-Meier-Str. 26, 79104 Freiburg


Selected Publications

Atasoy S, Johar H, Fleischer T, Beutel M, Binder H, Braehler E, Schomerus G, Zöller D, Kruse J, and Ladwig KH. Depression mediates the association between childhood emotional abuse and the onset of Type 2 Diabetes: Findings from German multi-cohort prospective studies. Frontiers in Psychiatry 2022;13:825678.

Banerjee S, Sofack GN, Papakonstantinou T, Avraam D, Burton P, Zöller D, and Bishop TRP. dsSurvival: Privacy preserving survival models for federated individual patient meta-analysis in DataSHIELD. BMC Research Notes 2022;15:197.

Binder N, Dette H, Franz J, Zöller D, Suarez-Ibarrola R, Gratzke C, Binder H, and Miernik A. Data mining in urology: Understanding real-world treatment pathways for lower urinary tract systems via exploration of big data. European Urology Focus 2022;8:391–393.

Pechmann A, Behrens M, Dörnbrack K, Tassoni A, Stein S, Vogt S, Zöller D, Bernert G, Hagenacker T, ScharaSchmidt U, Schwersenz I, Walter MC, Baumann M, Baumgartner M, Deschauer M, Eisenkölbl A, Flotats-Bastardas M, Hahn A, Horber V, Husain RA, et al. Effect of nusinersen on motor, respiratory and bulbar function in early-onset spinal muscular atrophy. Brain 2022:awac252. DOI: 10.1093/brain/awac252.

Zöller D, Wockner LF, and Binder H. Automatic variable selection for exposure-driven propensity score matching with unmeasured confounders. Biometrical Journal 2020;62:868–884.

Byrne J, Grabow D, Campbell H, […], Zöller D, et al. PanCareLIFE: The scientific basis for a European project to improve long-term care regarding fertility, ototoxicity and health-related quality of life after cancer occurring among children and adolescents. European Journal of Cancer 2018;103:227–237.

Sprinzl M, Kirstein M, Koch S, Seib ML, Menke J, Lang H, Düber C, Toenges G, Zöller D, Marquardt J, Wörns MA, Galle PR, Pinter M, and Weinmann A. Improved prediction of survival by a risk factor-integrating inflammatory score in sorafenib-treated hepatocellular carcinoma. Liver Cancer 2018;8:1–16.

Treppner M, Lenz S, Binder H, and Zöller D. Modeling activity tracker data using deep Boltzmann machines. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics 2018;253:155–159.

Schulz A, Zöller D, Nickels S, Beutel ME, Blettner M, Wild P, and Binder H. Simulation of complex data structures for planning of studies with focus on biomarker comparison. BMC Medical Research Methodology 2017;17.

Zöller D, Schmidtmann I, Weinmann A, Gerds TA, and Binder H. Stagewise pseudo-value regression for time-varying effects on the cumulative incidence. Statistics in Medicine 2016;35:1144–1158.

Administrative Manager

Marc Schumacher

Institute of Medical Biometry and Statistics,
Faculty of Medicine and Medical Center –
University of Freiburg